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Choosing a new PC monitor can become a challenging task, primarily due to the wide range of options available, including varying sizes, resolutions, panel types and refresh rates. Finding the right monitor isn’t a straightforward process since there’s no one-size fits all solution. While some individuals are content with simple monitors suitable for everyday tasks, numerous alternatives provide additional advantages specifically tailored to suit the needs or preferences of the user.

Furthermore, optimal PC monitors exhibit versatility, making them suitable for a wide array of tasks. They typically boast high resolutions, delivering crisp and intricate visuals along with excellent picture quality.

Alternatively, for those seeking specialized gaming monitors, a range of options feature elevated refresh rates and less response times, ensuring a seamless gaming venture. 

However, if you find yourself uncertain about the monitor’s specifications or baffled by the marketing jargon, following our monitor guides can offer valuable clarity. So keep reading this article to get more information on the best monitor 2023.

Gigabyte M32U

Gigabyte M32U is rated as the best monitor for a wide range of applications. Known for its versatility, this display excels in both gaming as well as productivity tasks. Further, the inclusion of a KVM switch simplifies the management of two devices using a single keyboard and mouse linked to the monitor. This is an ideal scenario like connecting a work laptop and a gaming PC. 

While the monitor features a USB Type-C port, its 15W power delivery capacity falls short of fully charging a laptop during use.additionally, beyond its productivity enhancements, the M32U boasts gaming advantages, including a notable 144 Hz refresh rate and HDMI 2.1 bandwidth that enables optimal utilization with contemporary gaming consoles as well as high performance graphics card.

Furthermore, it proves to be a wise choice for well-lit surroundings die to satisfactory reflection handling and exceptional brightness levels that combat glare. However, its performance in dimly lit rooms is less commendable due to a low contrast ratio and subpar local dimming functionality. 

However, a serious hurdle in this monitor being everyone’s one and only choice is its high price, that is not affordable for everyone easily.



  • Screen: 31.5 inch
  • Display: 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • Pixel: IPS
  • Unique feature: Adaptive sync
  • Refresh rate: 144 Hz, variable
  • Color: 10-bit
  • Multiple devices can be connected simultaneously


  • Broad spectrum of colors
  • Impressive management of color gradients
  • Good-resolution screen
  • High pixel density
  • Exceptional consistency is displaying shades of gray
  • Swift refresh rate 
  • Exceptionally low response time


  • Low contrast
  • Poor performance of the local dimming functionality
  • Lacks brightness in HDR content
  • The most precise sRGB mode restricts adjustments on nearly all settings
  • Can be a little too pricey for the buyers trying to be in a budget

Gigabyte M27Q

Gigabyte M27Q is known for being the best budget monitor. And despite the solid mid-range monitors that often prioritize gaming, this one’s a budget friendly alternative worth considering for versatile usage. It is suitable for a variety of tasks and the cost-effectiveness helps you save some dollars.

However, there are some trade-offs when selecting budget monitors, exemplified by the M27Qs lower 1440p resolution in contrast to its pricier counterpart. This reduction in pixel density would negatively impact the text clarity. 

Nonetheless, many attributes from the M32U are retained by the M27Q as well, including a USB Type-C port. This feature proves to be advantageous for establishing swift PC connections, although the monitor can’t charge your computer due to its limited 10W power delivery. 

Furthermore, appreciable picture quality is achieved through the sRGB mode that results in exceptional accuracy. It has decent text clarity, however certain software encounters issues due to its BGR subpixel layout that eventually leads to less sharp text.

It proves to be less impressive for OS5 and Xbox gaming but is good enough for PC gaming.



  • Screen: 27 inch
  • Display: 2560 x 1440 pixels
  • Unique feature: blue light filter and tilt adjustment
  • Refresh rate: 170Hz variable
  • Pixel type: IPS


  • Big screen along with good resolution
  • Extensive viewing angles
  • Great visibility even in big rooms
  • Outstanding SDR color range
  • Exceptional refresh rate
  • Supports VRR


  • Dark environment’s performance isn’t very impressive, as the blacks look more of grays
  • Not very much comfortable
  • Does not allows local dimming
  • It does not get bright enough to allow for a full HDR experience

Dell Alienware AW3423DW

This monitor can be said to be the best choice for our gaming community; it boasts an impressive 175 Hz refresh rate along with near to instant response time. Both these features ensure exceptionally clear motion and are suited to the requirements of a gamer.Additionally, it supports the G-Sync VRR for the NVIDIA graphics card users. 

Featuring a QD-OLED panel, this monitor provides deep blacks in dimly lit rooms without bothersome blooming. It’s worth noting that OLED monitors pose a risk of permanent burn-in when exposed to static elements over extended periods. Moreover, it is an ideal choice for console gamers due to its HDMI compatibility, which ensures seamless integration with the PS5 and Xbox series XIS.



  • Screen: 34 inch
  • Display resolution: 175 Hz
  • Unique feature: screen is anti-glare
  • Allows for height and tilt adjustment
  • Refresh rate: 175 Hz


  • Slim curved design that looks more aesthetic than a normal screen
  • Offers shutter-free  speed
  • Out-class color performance
  • Allows color-critical work to be done, especially a benefit for the content creators and gamers
  • Absence of blooming near bright objects
  • The screen displays a huge variety of colors
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Allows for adjustments in height and tilt
  • Exceptional accuracy


  • Picture quality as well as contrast is compromised due t0o the light sources
  • Presence of color fringing around the windows
  • 4K image cannot be downsized
  • Input lag


This article enlisted a wide variety of monitors, ranging from the best cheap monitors to the gaming-appropriate ones. It would greatly help you to decide which monitor is the best one for you as you just need to consider the intended purpose of buying it, and the rest is available in this article. So finalize the specs you find essential in a monitor and set a budget to get your hands on the best monitors available in the market.

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