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If you have a cluttered desk, prefer using your mouse without being tied down by a cable, or are a travelling enthusiast who likes to carry their mouse along, you would definitely prefer a wireless mouse. Earlier, wireless mice used to be a problem due to their lagging performance and battery life. However, nowadays, many wireless mice match the performance of the wired ones while providing extra benefits of the wireless system. 

They can easily last for as long as months before needing a recharge, and even professional Esports players now prefer wireless options during competitive play. 

So whether you need a mouse for everyday browsing, on-the-go use or serious gaming performance, a reliable wireless mouse offers you a much more intuitive computer interaction experience along with enhanced freedom of movement. This article enlists the best wireless mouse 2023 that would help make your search easier.

Logitech MX Master 3S

This model is ranked as the top wireless mouse in our list. The Logitech MX Master 3s is available in three colour options that allow you to buy a more personalized one and match it to your setup. Its comfortable right-handed design features a discrete thumb rest having a concealed button for executing gesture commands.  

The user can connect this mouse via the USB receiver or Bluetooth; this enables it to have a wireless connection with up to three devices simultaneously. Furthermore, the mouse boasts an impressive battery life going up to 70 days straight, which reduces the need for frequent charging. And this is what allows it to be more portable and appropriate for the users on the go. 

Among its standout features are the dual dedicated scroll wheels. The side wheel facilitates horizontal scrolling, while the top wheel offers two different modes: a precise notched mode and a swift-free scrolling mode for quick content navigation.

Notably, this new version showcases click buttons that are considerably quieter as compared to the previous models in the same series. Moreover, the sensor offers a broader range of sensitivity levels, which proves beneficial for the users of high-resolution 4K displays. These displays require heightened sensitivity to ensure smooth mouse movements at a convenient pace.


  • It can work on any surface, even glass
  • Clicking is not loud
  • Exceptional speed and accuracy
  • Comfortable design
  • Seamless operation on multiple devices simultaneously
  • Buttons can be easily customized
  • The material used in the construction is certified post-consumer recycled plastic.
  • Feels exceptionally well-built.
  • Allows a wireless connection through Logitech BOLT USB receiver as well as Bluetooth.
  • Swift left- and right-click buttons.


  • It is bulky and heavy and difficult to slip into laptop bags or cases.
  • It’s quite large, and it is not well-suited for people with smaller hands.
  • It does not possess a  storage compartment for its USB receiver.

Logitech MX Master 2X

This is known for being the best mid-range wireless mouse, as this is more of an economical pick and would prove to be the best fit for you if you do not require all the latest specs in your mouse. In this iteration, the design has been slightly changed, which leads to a distinct appearance. 

The side buttons and the side-mounted scroll wheel feature a revised layout with less prominent protrusion. The tactile feedback of the clicks is more prominent and pronounced, making the successful delivery of each command quite clear. However, the sensor’s performance is slightly below par as compared to its counterparts. 

In addition to this, this version offers an older micro USB charging cable instead of the newer USB Type-C cables found in the latest models. 

Nevertheless, numerous standout qualities that have contributed to the widespread acclaim of this mice series remain unchanged in this particular version, too. The enduring features encompass the sturdy construction, timeless ergonomic design, the inclusion of dual scroll wheels and the capability to connect to up to three devices simultaneously. Just like its newer counterparts, this model includes a button on the thumb rest that activates gesture controls, while its primary scroll wheel offers both notched and free-scrolling modes. 

Notably, the mouse offers an amazingly long battery life of up to 70 days, aligning it with the longevity of the latest releases.


  • Seamless control
  • Charging once can easily continue for 70 days straight
  • Possess a speed-adaptive scroll wheel
  • Shape provides support to the hand and avoids any discomfort during extended use.
  • Feels high-end
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Appropriate for both macOS as well as Windows
  • Adaptable CPI choices


  • Big and Bulky design reduces it’s portability
  • It might be a problem for people with small hands
  • The click latency is excessively high, specifically for competitive gaming.

Logitech M720 Triathlon

 This model boasts an impressive price that makes it affordable for nearly everyone looking for a good wireless mouse. It offers many of the great features required for a mouse to be efficient and is designed ergonomically for right-handers. A benefit of this mouse over the previous model is that it conveniently accommodates nearly all hand sizes. 

It possesses three comfortably positioned side buttons along with a concealed gesture button within the thumb rest. This mirrors the functionality of the Logitech MX Master 3S, which is said to be the best wireless mouse. It has two connectivity options: the USB receiver and the Bluetooth, resulting in successfully pairing up to three devices at one time. 

The scroll wheel allows left and right inputs, and you can choose between controlled, notched and swifter-free scrolling mode. 

Nonetheless, it lacks the premium feel of the more expensive models and the second thumb-scroll wheel.


  • It possesses an incredibly comfortable feel. 
  • It is quite well-built.
  • It allows multi-device pairing.
  • It is fully compatible with both Windows and macOS.
  • It successfully allows gesture commands and infinite scrolling


  • It could possibly feel too small for people with big hands


These were the best picks for the wireless mice available in the market these days. This article covers a range of mice, from the high-end ones to the more cost-effective options, it mentions all. Now, it depends on the buyer to decide which specs are non-compromisable and how much the budget is for buying the mouse. What also affects the model of the mouse is the intended use; this affects as someone wanting it for professional use or competitive gaming should opt for the Logitech MX Master 3S. However, if someone wants an upgrade to their minimal setup and wants it for their every day scrolling uses and also has a restricted budget, their best choice would be Logitech M720 Triathlon. So, decide your uses and budget and get your hands on these wireless mice today.

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