Best Budget Action Cameras of 2023: Capture Thrills

If you love the adrenaline hike and are also into recording those memorable experiences, you definitely need a good action camera. Whether you plan to go skydiving or surfing or for any other such thrilling activity, our list has perfect cameras. So keep reading to figure out which would be the Best Action Camera 2023.

Each camera model has been selected considering an adventure shoot’s requirements like image stabilization to cater to those bumpy rides or the image quality to perfectly capture the moment’s intensity. Cameras’ usefulness and durability, along with weather protection, have been taken into account when finalizing this list to ensure that you make an informed decision and pick which one will be your vacation partner this year.

GoPro Hero11 Black

This is considered to be the best action camera for most people. It is said to be the most versatile camera, specifically because of its 1/1.9in sensor. In terms of image quality, it can not be rated as the best. However, its 8:9 aspect ratio is something quite impressive. It allows the user to export files into any desired format without negatively affecting the quality. 

The enhanced sensor introduces a super-wide HyperView lens and Horizon lock in select video modes. When capturing video at 5.3K/30p using a linear lens, the camera can maintain level scenes across a full 360 degrees. This feature stood out during the testing of this camera. In addition, a new 10-bit color mode provides valuable versatility for editors aiming to perform post-production grading. GoPro Hero 11 has also increased the maximum bit rates to 120 Mbps, alleviating its ability to handle intricate scenes effectively.

Although live streaming remains constrained to 1080p and its performance in low-light conditions could be improved, the GoPro Hero11 Black now comes with an included Enduro battery with a 5.3K TimeWarp option. This is something that truly makes it a well-equipped action camera. It has a sleek slim design, effectively blending professional capabilities with a user-friendly interface.

Furthermore, all these amazing features come in a robust build that makes it more resilient against natural elements like water or dust. It is also easily portable, making it appropriate for traveling, especially in cases where one has to walk long hours on foot to get to the perfect spot.


  • Weight: 5.39 ounces
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • video: up till 60fps4K 
  • video: up till 120fps2.7K 
  • Video: can go up till 240fps
  • Picture resolution: 27MP
  • Battery longevity: 1720mAh


  • It has a flexible aspect ratio, specifically suitable for cropping
  • It possesses a 10-bit mode that proves to be beneficial for color grading


  • It can not get outstanding pictures in low lighting
  • Other competitors offer better specs at a lower price

Akaso brave 7LE

This can be titled as the best action camera an adventure enthusiast can buy at an economical price. It presents an impressive array of possibilities, given its price range. This camera will be a strong contender if you prioritize a front-facing screen and weather -resistance over top-tier video quality. Testing revealed that Akaso’s audio quality outperformed all other non-GoPro models, especially in quieter settings. In addition to these, its touchscreen interface proved to be remarkably user-friendly. 

The only minor drawback is that the video quality, although satisfactory at 4K resolution, does not completely align with the impressive array of features the Brave 7 LE offers. It relies heavily on noise-reduction in low-light conditions, resulting in an image that appears slightly soft. Similarly, while the electronic image stabilization is decent, it doesn’t reach class-leading levels.

Nonetheless, considering its cost, it undeniably stands as one of the top action cameras available, and it’s unmatched in terms of the extensive features it provides at its price point.


  • Weight: 4.4 ounces
  • Water and Moisture resistant: Yes
  • 4K video: Approx. till 30fps1080 
  • video: Approx. till 120fps720 
  • video: Approx. till 240fps
  • Photographic resolution: 20MP
  • Battery life: 120 mins


  • It possesses twin display
  • It is water resistant without the case
  • It has an out-class build quality


  • Quite average footage quality that is 60fps
  • Unstable electronic stabilization
  • Unsatisfactory 4K, even the more economical options have superior 4K

GoPro Hero10 Black

Another great budget-friendly action camera is GoPro Hero10 Black. It is a relatively older model and not the one excelling on the list; however, if you genuinely want a good camera that captures sharp and crisp footage, this might be the one for you.

It can capture 4K video at its best, which is the main point of having a camera. It has a way better and more responsive touchscreen that makes it a better choice than GoPro 9. It is most suitable for adventure shoots mainly because of its image stabilization technology that allows it to capture adventures like bungee jumping or skydiving with much more smoothness. Alongside this, its build is completely water-proof, which again makes it a great contender for adventure shoots as it is durable enough to handle the fun. That being said, all these amazing features are being offered at a reasonable price that it is hard to resist.


  • Weight: 5.39 ounce
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • video: 60fps4K 
  • video: 120fps2.7K 
  • video: 240fps
  • Pictures resolution: 23MP
  • Battery longevity: 1,720 mAh


  • Potent new processor
  • Convenient 4K mode
  • Out-class stabilization technology
  • Comparatively cost-effective


  • No change in the sensor, the same as Hero 9 Black

Factors to consider when choosing the camera

Which action camera you title as the best budget action camera 2023 depends on your choice and preference of features; however, there are still some of the basic specs that are absolutely necessary in a good adventure camera. Firstly, it should be weather-sealed to avoid Moisture and dust ruining the camera and reducing its life. It also helps to record every moment freely, without the worry of damaging the camera. 

It should also be easy to use, even for comparative beginners, so it can be operated conveniently in extreme conditions, such as skydiving. Touchscreen or buttons depends on your preference as the touchscreen is more convenient, and buttons can be operated wearing gloves or with wet hands.  

As adventure shoots are fast-moving, your ideal camera should have image stabilization to cope with the rugged settings. It should be able to smooth out any camera trembling in the process.

Picture quality is definitely an important aspect, as what’s the point of a dull or blurry video that doesn’t capture the true essence and emotions of the activity? 

Furthermore, another important spec to keep in mind is phone connectivity as you would want to quickly transfer the stills and the videos to your phone, perhaps for uploading it on your social media account or a YouTube channel.


Above are all mentioned factors to use when ticking off the boxes over which camera to buy, along with the best camera options. So decide your priorities in terms of the features and decide which one is the best budget action camera for you. 

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