The Best Compact Camera for Landscape photography

There is a long list of best quality cameras available in the market. However, landscape photography has its own specific needs. It does not require a full command of speed and autofocus as in wildlife photography. Here, image quality is of utmost importance so that nature can be captured in its full bloom. 

Other important factors in a Landscape appropriate camera are weather sealing, battery life and mobility. All these considerations can be met in the high-end cameras that are more appropriate for professional photographers. However, there are also many affordable options that can cover up for hobbyist photographers. So mentioned below are the best cameras for landscape photography, categorized by their unique strengths. 

Sony α7 IV

The Sony a7 IV stands out as the best landscape camera 2023. As a versatile mirrorless camera, it excels in a variety of aspects. Its 33MP full-frame sensor proves to be a perfect choice for capturing the beauty of stunning landscapes. Despite not having the best available resolution, it still surpasses its predecessor, the Sony a7 III and many other cameras in this price range. It grants you a little more flexibility for cropping and post-processing. Notably, a7 IV boasts an exceptional dynamic range, making it an ideal match for scenes with significant landscape contrasts.

 In addition to its impressive image quality, this camera has a robust construct, featuring a weather-sealed body that ensures added reassurance while capturing shots outdoors amidst rain or snow. As we all know, Sony cameras are renowned for their impressive battery life, particularly when contrasted with their similar mirrorless counterparts. This model also provides ample shots with a single charge, which proves beneficial, especially for extended photography sessions. Furthermore, it also possesses an excellent kit consisting of a diverse range of native and third-party lenses. It is due to these reasons that this camera emerges as a top choice for landscape photography enthusiasts.


  • Brand: Sony
  • Max webcam: 33Mp
  • Body type: SLR-style
  • Form Factor: Mirrorless
  • Photo Sensor: Full Frame
  • Maximum shutter speed: 30 seconds
  • Exposure control: manual


  • Excellent dynamic range.
  • Robust build
  • Weather-sealed body making it moisture and dust resistant
  • Long battery life, especially in photo mode
  • Impressive RAW noise management
  • The greatly enhanced menu system, as compared to the counterparts


  • Portability might become a little difficult
  • It might be a little pricey for the hobbyist photographers

FujiFilm X-T5

This one can be known as the best APS-C camera for landscape photography. It is specifically an ideal option when shooting at slower shutter speeds, that too without a tripod. And this can be attributed to the very efficient IBS system.  X-T5 is extremely portable, and its weather-sealing is what makes it moisture as well as dust resistant. This helps to capture the scenery in its full bloom eliminating the tension that rain or snow or wind might be damaging the camera. 

Despite these impressive specs, its standout feature is its 40.3 Megapixel sensor. This is a distinguished feature that is one of the highest amongst all other competing APS-C cameras. It allows for best-quality pictures and ample room to crop just in case that is required.

Additionally, it has an exceptional noise-handling capability and high-end performance in low-light conditions.


  • Body type: SLR-style
  • Picture sensor: APS-C
  • Picture stabilization: Sensor-shift
  • Maximum shutter speed: 1/180,000 secs
  • Mirrorless: yes
  • Photo resolution: 40.2 Mp
  • Distinguished feature: live view


  • Comparatively portable design.
  • Exceptional battery life.
  • Out-class slow-mo recording in 1080p.


  • Ergonomics are simply satisfactory
  • Not rugged enough 
  • restricted frame rate options, especially at high-resolution settings

Nikon D780

This is an upper mid-range camera for landscape photography. This is a DSL-R camera that boasts an amazing battery life. With such long battery life, photographers can easily cover all day long. It has an ample amount of physical controls and personalization options available along with a tilting screen that makes incredible shots with a tripod possible.

Additionally, its build is robust enough to resist harsh weather conditions, and this is something that makes it portable. It also has exceptionally well weather-sealing that allows it to function in rain, snow or dusty winds.

Alongside these, it has an excellent backside illuminated sensor that makes collecting light much easier. This leads to better performance in low light situations, along with minimum sound settings kept at high ISO configurations.  

All these and the wide dynamic range makes it an ideal choice for challenging conditions. The 24.5 Mp resolution gives the photographer ample margin for cropping and making acceptable-sized prints.


  • Type: DSL-R
  • Max. image resolution(webcam): 16 Mp
  • Picture resolution(effective): 24.5 Mp
  • Still sensor size: 35mm, Full Frame
  • Maximum shutter speed: 1/8000 per second
  • Exposure control: manual/automatic
  • Mirrorless: No


  • Exceptional image quality.
  • Out-class autofocus performance, specifically in photography.
  • Battery lasts long enough
  • Shutter speed is quite high
  • Short stills buffer clearing time


  • Design is both bulky and substantial

Canon EOS 90D

Suppose you are a landscape photographer at an amateur or beginner level or are an enthusiast. In that case, you might prefer getting a camera that is both economical and has all or most of the specs of a professional one. In this case, Canon EOS 90D will be your ideal choice. It is the best middle-lower range camera with an amazing 32.5 Mp crop sensor. It delivers good image quality and has a dynamic range that highlights the details in landscapes with strong differences in contrast. 

Alongside this, it allows you to crop your pictures perfectly, specifically because of its high resolution. It is a good contender in the line of cameras that offer a long-lasting battery, and thanks to its comfortable grip and hand space, it feels pretty convenient to shoot with. Alongside this, its menu system is user-friendly, and the controls are intuitive. Overall, it’s a great find and can be titled as the best affordable camera for landscape photography.


  • Type: DSL-R
  • Stills sensor: APS-C
  • Picture resolution: 32.5 Mp
  • Image stabilization technology: Digital
  • Shutter speed(min.): 30 secs
  • Exposure control: automatic


  • Convenient and easy to use.
  • Overall, the image quality is good.
  • Good fast maximum continuous shooting speed.
  • Autofocus performance is decent, especially in photography.


  • Heavy and weighty construction
  • Controls may feel a little sluggish, but at least some of them do
  • Image sharpness can be adversely affected at high ISO levels


All these cameras are among the best options for our landscape photographers, considering various different factors such as the price, picture quality, image stabilization etc. Now set your preferences for the features and the price range in order to determine which one is the best landscape camera 2023 for you.

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