Wireless Gaming Keyboards 2023: Unleash Your Gameplay with the Best Picks

Gaming can be enjoyed with our regular wired Keyboard as well. However, a wireless Keyboard is a little luxury here as it provides the comfort and convenience of picking up your Keyboard and sitting in your sweet spot. There’s no need to sit close to it because of the restriction of wire; that is quite a relief in long gaming sessions.
All of the keyboards below have shown exceptional performance despite being wireless and easily supporting fast and heavy gaming. Wireless Keyboard’s performance has significantly risen in the last few years as earlier; they would require frequent charging and be slower than the wired ones; however, now it’s hard to even spot a difference.
Many tests and trials were done on many wireless keyboard models to pick the best ones. They were measured for reliability, responsiveness, build quality and much more. Below are a few models that can compete to become the best gaming keyboard 2023 Wireless.

Logitech G9 15

Logitech has changed the notion of wireless keyboards being slow and annoying, as the Logitech G9 15 is an evolution in the universe of wireless keyboards. It is a heavy yet very sleek model. it has an aluminum frame on a plastic one that makes it exceptionally robust and appealing to the eye.
Logitech G9 15 boasts a long battery life of 30+ hours, which is amazing compared to the previous models. This time is full RGB lighting on; however, if you turn that off, the lifespan can increase up to 100 hours without charging.
The overall setup is straightforward and user-friendly, as you only need to plug the USB receiver into a type-A port. With this, you can take the Keyboard as far away as you want and be at your comfy couch while you indulge in your favorite games.
It also allows you to choose your wireless connection from either Lightspeed or Bluetooth, on the touch of a button. On the whole, it’s a great device with highly impressive features. The only thing that can be a hurdle for many to make Logitech their gaming partner is its huge price tag.



  • Size: Full-size
  • Integrated Backlighting: exist
  • Connectivity technology: HDMI
  • Passthrough: No
  • Wrist rest: No
  • No. of keys: 90
  • Media controls: Exclusive


  • Impressive form factor
  • RGB lighting with complete spectrum customization
  • Impressive battery life
  •  Strong and sturdy build quality


  • Macro keys can be easily hit by mistake
  • There’s no area for storing the USB dongle

Keychron K2( version 2)

This Keyboard can be defined by its affordability as it costs only $69.  It is Keychrone’s cost-effectiveness that wins it the title of Best Keyboard for gaming budget.

At this price, you get a good-sized keyboard with amazing wireless performance that also allows the user to connect it to 3 devices at a time. 

Additionally, it has different wireless options for connection that are Bluetooth, the included cable or use it in Windows or Mac. And this could be chosen by an array of switches on the right side of the Keyboard. 

Furthermore, the user also has the option to choose from a variety of MX-stem keycap sets available on both Keychron and other online sources. This allows you to completely transform your Keyboard’s looks and make it more personalized. The package includes interchangeable Mac or Windows function keys, depending on your platform. And they can be easily removed or replaced using the provided Keycap puller.

If you are interested in changing the switches, the K2 also comes in a hot-swappable version, which enables you to easily switch to various MX-stem switches. The options available are Gaterons, TTCs or authentic MX-switches. 

In addition to these, Keychron K2 boasts a long battery life which you won’t have to charge for days. It can go up to 68 hours with full lighting or 240 hours with the light off. 



  • Operating system: Windows, Mac OS
  • Gateron switch
  • White LED backlights
  • Size: 84 keys
  • Wrist rest: No
  • Devices compatible with Laptop, PC and phones
  • Connection options: USB-C and Bluetooth


  • Cost-effective and economical
  • Sturdy and high-quality build 
  • Long life of the battery
  • Smooth connection


  • Switches are slightly rough to touch


This Keyboard is the Taiwanese Tec giant’s first actual enthusiast gaming keyboard, and no doubt; they have done a splendid job. This device ticks all the boxes of a successful keyboard rather than ticks even more than those required. It is a weighty keyboard with a strong and sturdy build that is not prone to wear and tear. 

It is it’s truly premium feel that attracts many gamers to it. The Azoth provides a satisfying typing experience that can be made even better by swapping out all the ROG NX switches that come along with the Keyboard. 

Hot-swappable switches are a vital feature for any keyboard aiming to satisfy enthusiasts. And the Azoth keyboard thoroughly accommodates this preference, along with the switch puller included in the package. 

However, a downside of this masterpiece is its armory crate software, which is a true nightmare for gamers. It takes so long to perform any task; even switching between tabs takes forever. Especially when switching from WiFi to USB or vice versa, it could get stuck on the loading page forever and never recover.



  • Gaming console compatible
  • Connection options: Bluetooth or USB 2.0
  • Switch: ROG NX Linear
  • No.of keys: 75
  • Keyboard backlighting: RGB per key
  • Wrist rest: No
  • Media controls: Exclusive
  • Style: Azoth Red


  • Out-class build quality
  • Exceptionally well typing experience
  • Speedy and wireless 
  • Resourceful OLED display


  • Expensive
  • Cursed armory crate

SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL wireless

This Keyboard is useful for fast-paced and aggressive gaming because of its Omnipoint 2.0 switches that make it more responsive than any other keyboards available in the market. However, it is a little difficult for simple typing.

Another amazing feature is the dual-actuation one that allows the user to set two different functions for each key that are differentiated according to how hard you press the key. 

A hurdle for the users to buy this is its price; it’s quite an expensive model that not every gamer can afford. 



  • Compatible with a gaming console
  • Connectivity option: USB-C and Bluetooth
  • Special feature: Ergonomics
  • No. of keys: 104
  • Switch: Omnipoint 2.0
  • Keyboard Backlighting: RGB per key
  • Media controls: Mute button and volume wheel
  • Wrist rest: No


  • OLED screen proves to be quite useful
  • Customizable Actuation
  • Decent battery life
  • Polybutylene terephthalate keycaps


  • The wireless version is pretty pricey
  • Sleep mode becomes too aggressive


So these were the Best Gaming Keyboards 2023, and it can be well-concluded that all these have their own unique strengths along with some potential drawbacks, so each user needs to evaluate these carefully and decide which features are on their priority list.

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