Best Headphones brand to buy in 2023

Quality headphones have become a necessity in our daily lives, serving us in zoom meetings, listening to audio books to escape long commutes, energizing gym sessions and even calming yourself with podcasts at bedtime. So we look for the best audio quality in the most cost-effective ways along with those that match our lifestyles. Keeping that in mind, this article has assembled a list of best headphones of 2023. 

They serve the needs of a variety of people like the comfortable ones for the gym enthusiasts, wired high-performing ones for the traditionalists or noise canceling ones for those prone to distractions. You can easily find a variety of headphones from the best headphone brands to buy online. However, note that these Best Headphone Brands 2023 prices might fluctuate based on your currency, especially when ordering online.

Before diving into the options, we have rounded up a few factors that we considered when choosing the best headphone brands to go for.

How we evaluated the options available in the market

Apart from the looks, there are basic 4 considerations we kept in mind for combining this list:

Acoustic performance:this is rather an obvious one as good sound quality is the basic requirement a headphone has to meet. So we carefully evaluated each option on how great they sound.

Heaviness: Another important factor would be comfort as people nowadays wear earbuds for the most part of the day; be it during office hours, traveling and even before sleeping. And something that affects the comfort level of an earbud is its weight, they should not be heavy at all, so that’s another thing our collected list ensures.

Battery life: Although battery consumption of the ear buds depends on the way of living of the user, still battery life is something of top concern. This is particularly important so that the user can plan accordingly. 

Price:  This is a top concern for all users, however for some it’s not that much of a big deal; so we have compiled earbuds with varying price ranges to fit everyone’s budget. 

By now you must have decided what factors are the most important for you and which ones you could sacrifice, so let’

Sony WH-1000XM4

This option is an updated version of its predecessor, the already amazing WH-100XM3. It has an outclass noise canceling technology, particularly due to the Dual noise sensor system. Alongside this, they are incredibly lightweight with a battery life of 30 hours as well as a speak to chat feature. 

These possess an immersive sound quality that is the first priority of every buyer. It’s their utility that makes them appropriate for all kinds of use like for listening to music or podcasts or even during games. Upon this, they have an amazing in-call voice that would surely make you an addict. It takes the design from the M3 and builds upon the features to provide a comforting and better experience for the users. M4 is touch-sensitive with easy controls through the app along with contemporary features like the Fast Pair to connect two devices at once.

M4’s an expensive option for the casual users however it’s more of a one-time investment as they have a long life and would not have to be replaced on a regular basis.


  • Noise canceling system: exists 
  • lightweight(only 254 grams)  
  • Battery longevity: 30 hours 
  • Bluetooth coverage: 2.4 GHz 
  • Moisture resistance: No 
  • Frequency response: around 4 – 40,000 Hz 

Additional items in the box:

  • Audio cable of about 47 ¼ inches
  • Type-CTM USB wire
  • Plug or jack adaptor
  • Carrying container


  • Exceptional noise cancellation technology
  • Allows Bluetooth pairing with more than one devices
  • Conversation awareness along with Auto play and pause system
  • Alluring sound quality
  • Lightweight and user-friendly design


  • Expensive
  • No advancements in overall design from the predecessor 
  • Huge in size

Sennheiser HD 800 S

These are some serious headphones designed to provide absolute clarity to the users. They have a sturdy build to support daily usage and it is their immersive sound quality that would make you fall in love with them. 800S is a lightweight design made of plastic and metal accents, suitable for long hours of continuous listening. Another element making it incredibly comfy is the large ear cup and soft plush earpads. 



  • Weight: 11.6 ounces
  • Cable: Detachable 
  • Design: Open air construction
  • Moisture resistance: No 
  • Frequency response: 4 – 51,000 Hz

Other items in the Box

  • Wire with 6.3 mm plug
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • A manual for making use easier
  • Cable featuring a balanced 4.4 mm jack extension
  • USB thumb drive


  • Robust and long lasting make
  • User-friendly and convenient to use design
  • Unparalleled audio quality


  • Very heavy on the pocket
  • Sensitive to Noise
  • Works efficiently only in isolated surroundings
  • Pretty Heavy

Bose QuietComfort 45

If external noises easily distract you and noise cancellation is your top priority when looking for headphones, Bose QuietComfort is your perfect choice. Their flawless design lets you enjoy your favorite songs blocking away all kinds of noises going around you. Upon this, they have a portable design, featuring a sleek design and a lightweight body along with  a solid mic technology. They also support Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa and have an amazing battery life of more than 20 hours. Moreover, their design ensures longevity and can sustain some bending or chewing, in case the listener has toddlers or pups.



  • Weight: 241 grams 
  • Battery duration: 22 hrs
  • External sound canceling: Exists
  • Bluetooth reach: Up to 30 feet 
  • Bluetooth reach: Up to 30 feet 
  • Bluetooth reach: Up to 30 feet 
  • Moisture resistant: No 
  • Frequency response: 2400 – 2483.5 Mega Hz 

Other Items in the Box

  • C-type charging cable of approximately 12 inch
  • Audio cable
  • Carrying container


  • User-friendly and convenient design
  • Wired sound output
  • External noise cancellation system lets you enjoy your favorite songs to the fullest
  • Compatible with Virtual Assistants


  • Pricey
  • Supports only SBC and AAC codecs
  • Lacks software equalizer

Anker SoundCore life Q20

This option is a rare occurrence as finding high-quality at a reasonable price isn’t something we see quite often. It offers an efficient noise-cancellation system along with being Heavy on the Bass. It gives the option to deactivate ANC by only pressing a button, something that isn’t available even in some high-end headphones. Moreover, SoundCore life Q20 boasts a battery life of 40 hours along with satisfactory sound quality. 



  • Weight: only 9.2 ounce 
  • Battery longevity: 40 hours 
  • External sound canceling: Yes 
  • Bluetooth connection ability: Yes 
  • Moisture resistant: No
  • Frequency response: 16 – 40,000 Hz

Other Items in the Box

  • Carrying pouch
  • AUX cable of approx. 3.5mm
  • USB wire


  • Possesses noise canceling ability 
  • Economical and cost-effective
  • Battery lasts for an impressive 40 hours straight
  • Satisfactory sound quality


  • It has comparatively small ear cups that can be annoying for many users
  • Compromised sound quality especially during ANC
  • No apps 


Above-mentioned are some of the Best Headphone Brands 2023 that combine various impressive features important for a user. Each option has its own unique strengths that alleviates the listening experience of the user to the next level. So carefully decide which specs are not compromisable for you and then opt for your preferred sound partner.

Also note that the Best Headphone Brands 2023 prices might fluctuate based on your currency, especially when ordering online.

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